Anacortes Arts Festival

2019 Anacortes Arts festival

August 2nd - 4th, 2019
Downtown Anacortes
Thank You for supporting the Anacortes Arts Festival as a volunteer. You are a vital link to the visitors who attend our event and we hope that you have a wonderful experience volunteering! Any questions please contact the AAF office at 360-293-6211 or volunteer@anacortesartsfestival.com
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I agree to hold the Anacortes Arts Festival and the City of Anacortes harmless from any and all claims, actions, damages and expenses, which arise out of or in any way relate to my volunteer activities concerning the Anacortes Arts Festival. Further, I agree and acknowledge that the Anacortes Arts Festival may do a background check on me and that I am eligible for coverage under the worker's compensation provisions of Washington State and I agree to be bound by Washington State Department of Labor and Industries regulations with respect to any injuries I may sustain in my volunteer duties with the Anacortes Arts Festival.